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Frequently Asked Questions

  01.  What is “IRAIYANBU ILLAM” ?

Ans: IRAIYANBU ILLAM is the peaceful residence of the CHELLIAHS that offers SHARED APARTMENTS FOR ELDERS.

  02. Where is it situated ?
Ans: Secretariat Colony is a posh and peaceful colony near the banks of Retteri, Kolathur,  which is situated 8 Kilo Meter north of Anna Nagar and 5 Kilo Meter away from Perambur Railway Station. IRAIYANBU ILLAM is in No. 24 of the Main Road of the Secretariat Colony. All buses (113,142 and 242) stop here at the Secretariat Colony bus stop.

  03. Who are the probable beneficiaries ?

Ans: All senior citizens who seek a safe haven in Chennai are the real beneficiaries.

  04. What are the different types of accommodation provided ?
Ans: Single rooms, Sharing rooms, Sharing apartments, AC rooms, and Non-AC rooms are available.

  05.  Is non-vegetarian food provided / allowed at Iraiyanbu Illam ?
Ans: Normally Vegetarian food is served. For those who ask for Non-Vegetarian dishes, food is prepared in separate kitchen on Wednesdays and Sundays.

  06. Can I smoke or consume alcohol within the premises ?
Ans: Sorry. Alcoholic drinks are strictly forbidden. Ours is a no smoking area.

  07. Is Hot Water facility available round the clock ?
Ans: Hot water is available for bathing in the morning. Mineral water is given for drinking purpose, although we have bore well water in our premises.

  08. Do you allow TV in bed rooms ?
Ans: Common TVs are provided in the halls. We allow personal TVs in private rooms.

  09. What are the sources of funding to develop and operate this project ?
Ans: DONATION IS STRICTLY PROHIBITED. The residents  are expected to pay for their stay.

  10.  Is there any minimum age limit for moving into the Iraiyanbu Illam ?
Ans: Not necessarily.

  11.   What are the medical facilities available ?
Ans: Daily nursing care by the staff and monthly checkup by the doctors of the nearby hospital are given. The service of a
nearby Multi Specialty hospital can be availed.

  12.  Can a disabled woman move into the Iraiyanbu Illam seeking nursing assistance ?
Ans: Sorry not now.

  13.  Do I need to pay for utilities like electricity and telephone ?
Ans: No. They fall under the category of monthly fees.

  14.  Can I access internet at Iraiyanbu Illam ?
Ans: Unlimited Internet facility is available at extra cost.

  15.  Do you allow visitors to stay for a short period at Iraiyanbu Illam ?
Ans: Visitors are allowed during working hours. Children can stay with the residents in special rooms with the approval 
of the Trustees.

  16.  Can I bring my jewels and valuables along with me ?
Ans: It is good for the residents to keep minimum valuables and enjoy maximum happiness.

 17. Do you have parking facilities and can I use my own car daily to drive around for active life, shopping, visiting friends, etc. ?
Ans: Sure. You are welcome with your vehicle that gets our parking facility.

  18.  Is there an alternative transport available in case I don't own a car ?
Ans: Yes. It can be arranged. Our Iraiyanbu Illam is hardly 120 meters away from the Secretariat Colony bus stop. Call Taxi and Tourist Taxi are booked for those who prefer to travel outside.

  19.  What are all the services included in the monthly charge ?
Ans: Monthly charges include food and accommodation. Separate bills are made for the service you ask for.

  20. Will the monthly charges remain same in the years to come ?
Ans: The maintenance rates are revised every financial year.

  21.  Are banks, bus stop, etc., available nearby ?
Ans: At present, three public sector Banks and two private banks with more than seven ATMs are functioning near the Secretariat Colony.

  22.  Is there any gym in your residence ?
Ans: We have exercise machines and our members of the staff monitor your health needs.

  23. Do you have any prayer hall or meditation hall ?
Ans: Yes we have a special upper chamber. This is used for meditations and counseling purposes.

  24. Do you allow pets in your redidence ?
Ans: Sorry. Pets are not allowed in rooms.

  25.  Why do you call this residence as Iraiyanbu Illam ?
Ans: The Tamil word ‘Iraiyanbu’ means the Love Divine.  We found this self-sacrificial love of God in our parents, Mr. K. Chelliah and Mrs. Clary Bell Chelliah and grandparents, Mr.Eathavilai Packianathan and Lydia Packianathan, who had lived a pious and noble life in and around Thiruvattar and  Kalkulam of Kanyakumari District. As it is written in the Holy Book, “Parents are the pride of children,” we serve the visible elders we have in our midst as though they are our invisible parents, who were real pride for us.

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